Where is Europa Business School?

Europa Business School is headquartered in Amsterdam – Netherlands – and organizes courses in 3 languages, 7 countries, 15 cities and, especially, online.
It is located at TSH Collab, one of the most valuable coworking location in Amsterdam. TSH Collab is a global community of ambitious creatives, entrepreneurs and startups changing the world!
Link: https://www.tshcollab.com/en

As indicated on our website, Europa Business School is the international education division of DIARI BV company, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam KvK registration number is: 72771097.

Who is the CEO of Europa Business School?

Arianna Ioli storyteller and copywriter: Arianna has been living between the Netherlands and Italy and she has been travelling a lot all around Europe.
She has a Master’s degree in Philosophy from “Università Statale di Milano”, a Post-graduate Diploma in Storytelling from Holden School of Turin and she has got an Executive Master’s in Events and contemporary art curation from IED Roma.
Arianna is coordinator and content manager for the Sport Digital Marketing Festival since its first edition, and she is a professional member of the Sport Marketing Association USA.
Her work pivots between education, writing, marketing and alternative museum didactics. Her two passions? Correct syntax and well-written stories.

What’s the mission of Europa Business School?

The world around us is changing at every turn and we need to create something new to keep up with it.
Our mission is to take participants’ skills to an international level, broaden their horizons and open their mind to have an impact on the future from their very first day.
We take the challenge of global transformation, learning from real-life experiences and discovering the endless opportunities that open up before us.
Ideas can travel anywhere and change everything. Once and again. And we believe in them.

What’s Europa Business School in one sentence?

We are a new Business School with a very European outlook.

What learning project are offered?

Located in Amsterdam, one of the most innovative training in Europe right now, Europa BS educational offerings include its signature Master in EU Projects Design and Management and Tailor-Made Programs for corporate training.

Executive Programs (EP) are week-long intensive and interactive programs designed for a variety of fields to learn about technologies, tools, and mindsets that will help people understand and respond to the current wave of accelerate change.
Tailor-Made Programs incorporate the core curriculum content from Executive Programs, but are fit for the needs of a specific industry or community (SME corporate, Non-profit, NGO, etc.).

Flagship Summits are multi-day events that look at breakthrough innovations and accelerating technologies as they impact individual verticals, including Digital Marketing, Sport Marketing, Personal Branding, etc.

What are the Study-Topics available at Europa BS?

  • European studies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Innovation

Who are Europa BS faculty and speakers?

Europa BS has involved experts who serve as guest lecturers, mentors, and advisors in their respective fields. The Faculty includes engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from major educational institutions, together with experts and executives from businesses including Google, Nokia, and others.

Does Europa BS offer degrees and accreditation?

Europa BS programs complement formal, for-credit curricula and. As such, Europa BS does not offer academic degrees, but only a private Certificate.
Participants who wish to negotiate academic credits with their home university or individuals who would like to get tuition reimbursement for programs credited towards their degree, should contact their universities for specific credit requirements. Upon successful completion of the executive training, participants will receive a transcript of their results and a Certificate of Completion.

Our courses fall into the category of “specialized and professional private masters”, focusing on a specific professional area and on career development in a particular profession. They are hands-on courses, with a heavy practical component, giving students the skills and knowledge necessary to work professionally in their chosen field.

The university masters, in fact, are subject to legal provisions and are an integral part of the university system. For non-university masters the same constraints do not exist. Non-university programs, like ours, are provided by private educational bodies, which independently define their characteristics. Maybe it would be more appropriate to call them Higher Education Courses: in fact, their purpose is to provide advanced professional training to graduates or undergraduate students across Europe, who surely possess a solid “basic” preparation regarding their field of expertise.
Alternatively, but only in some cases, an adequate professional curriculum can be considered a sufficient requirement to access non-university Master, starting from the assumption that the required preparation has been achieved “on the field”.

Our courses refer to ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training), a credit transfer system developed to facilitate the recognition and transfer of learning outcomes in view of the acquisition of a qualification or its part. It applies to all qualifications for non-academic education and training systems while for academic qualifications the ECTS (European credit transfer and accumulation system) applies. Our online master EU Projects Design & Management awards 10 ECVETs.
All about ECVET> https://www.ecvet-secretariat.eu/en/faq-page#t1n968

Who are Europa BS development organization partners?

We are proudly member of:
Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, an official initiative of European Commission, that aims to bring together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organizations and education providers, which take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe;

Euro Apprenticeship, a network of competent bodies, intermediate organizations and Vocational Education and Training (VET) centers providing expertise, information, help and support for the implementation of ‘In-company Learning Mobility” for the benefit of SMEs, Skilled Crafts Companies and apprentices or learners in alternative training systems.
We are officially Partner of the Europe Project Forum Stitching, registered with the KvK in Amsterdam – n. 56332823.
Link: https://bit.ly/eupfstichting

How do I contact or apply to Europa Business School?

Europa Business School


1061AZ Amsterdam – The Netherlands

KvK 72769769

Phone: +31.6.44666517

Media contact: pr@europabs.eu
Careers: info@europabs.eu
Applicants and general questions: info@europabs.eu

Europa Business School is the international education division of DIARI BV company, Amsterdam KvK 72771097.