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Take the challenge of digital transformation and choose the most innovative Master in Digital Marketing in Europe

Acquire the skill of strategic digital marketing for success in a global market. Learn from Europe’s best professionals, benefiting from their experience in international business with companies all over the world.
Today, digital transformation is changing all business models, and offers businesses, professionals, and organisations infinite possibilities for growth.
International markets are becoming increasingly inter-connected, and in order to keep up with change, up-to-date and international skills are required.
All companies are constantly on the look-out for individuals with expertise and the ability to operate in a culturally diverse and innovative way at an international level, and who know how to use analyses, data, digital marketing, social media and customer engagement to achieve concrete and measurable business objectives.
If your aim is to boost your career and make your projects grow, this is the moment to take a step forward.
You will learn how to use the most effective tools for digital marketing at a superior level, obtaining a competitive advantage and progressing towards success.

Realise your full potential and acquire expertise and security to help you grow your business with a truly global objective.







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FEBRUARY 3rd, 2023

The Masters course features an executive formula of 20 lessons and 45 hours in total.

If you want to go deeper in the experience of the Master, you can enroll in Europa Innovation Factory. The Factory includes – in addition to the standard e-learning course – 2 live meetings and a final workshop.

  • 20 lessons of high-level professional training (of 1.5 hours each)
  • 10 hours of Question and Answer sessions with the course lecturers after each lecture (0.5 hours)
  • 5 hours of extra question time

Lectures are held twice a week, on Thursdays from 6 pm to 7.30 pm and on Fridays, from 5 pm to 6.30 pm (for 10 weeks). Classes are available on-demand on the teaching platform from the following day.

Join Europa Business School: change the way you see the world forever.

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What will you learn?

With this Masters course, you will learn to define an effective digital strategy to obtain concrete results and take full advantage of the potential of social media:


  • Digital strategy
  • Understanding clients and competitors
  • Marketing data & analytics
  • International digital marketing
  • Web marketing and search engine visibility: SEO & SEM, Google Adwords, etc.
  • Social media keywords
  • Strategic brand management
  • Social customer and crisis management – web reputation
  • Digital PR
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing – digital storytelling
  • Email marketing – lead generation

For whom is this professional certification designed?

  • University students and graduates
  • Entrepreneurs, start-uppers
  • Marketing and sales managers
  • Marketing professionals and experts
  • Communications agencies, social media marketing agencies and PR agencies
  • PPRR and events agencies
  • Social media managers and bloggers
  • Creative individuals
  • Communication managers for associations and organisations
  • Technical individuals interested in gaining new knowledge

Take your career a step further: change never stops, and neither does your education. This Masters course presents various levels of skills and experience and will allow you to maximise the impact of your marketing through powerful digital instruments.


Arianna Ioli
Founder and director of the Business School

“We welcome this new European Business School, because the world around us is changing by the second, and to keep up with its pace, something new has to be created. With Europa Innovation, you have the chance to take your skills to an international level, and to broaden your job horizons. From the very first day in class, you will learn that you have an impact on the future, and discover day-by-day the opportunities that open up to all those who look ahead and accept the challenge of digital transformation!”.

After completing this course, you will know how to

  • Conduct digital analyses and searches, establishing your business objectives
  • Plan an international digital marketing strategy
  • Create and develop innovative content that guides the ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Set up, optimise, create and develop organic publicity campaigns (including paid campaigns) on Facebook & Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn, using professional reports
  • Create and manage search campaigns using Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to measure their performance
  • Plan a brand management strategy
  • Plan and develop social media communication for agencies, professionals and brands
  • Plan effective emails that generate contacts: achieve customer loyalty
  • Manage digital communication for PPRR and companies at an international level
  • Work as a digital consulting agent
  • Work as an advertising and product branding manager at publicity and communication agencies

Teaching Method

  • Lectures to develop concrete and job-orientated digital skills
  • Workshops and exercises on real case studies to gain in-depth experience with content
  • Executive talks with international digital marketing leaders
  • Experience-based learning with case studies and exercises
  • Constant monitoring during the e-learning process
  • Final project-work to obtain your Masters qualification
  • Two classroom meetings during the course (only in Live Factory Option, in Eindhoven and Tallinn)

Visits to leading agencies in the world of digital business

Executive talks with international digital marketing leaders to learn from the best in Europe and understand the development outlook.

Job Oriented Masters – Professional opportunities

  • Social media specialist
  • Brand manager
  • Digital communications expert for public or private bodies
  • Content manager
  • Blogger
  • Influencer
  • Digital marketing advisor
  1. Career guidance interview to help define your professional career path
    2. Personal branding development services and help searching for professional opportunities, in collaboration with Emagister
    3. Final work placement in important companies around Europe for on-the-job training, to enter the job market

Becoming an international Digital Marketing Specialist.

What’s included in the MASTER?

ONLINE MASTER- now on sale at 1970 regular fee 3470 Euro – (Students special fee: only 1470 €)

With the [Online] Master in International Digital Marketing & Management you can learn from your own place 100% online. Our E-learning platform will give you access to updated contents and useful exercises you can choose to do alone or with the network.

  • [Online] Master in International Digital Marketing: 65 training hours in total + Online Final Test

ONLINE MASTER + LIVE FACTORY – now on sale at 2470 regular fee 3870 Euro – (Students special fee: only 1970 €)

If you want to go deeper in the experience of the Master, you can enroll in Europa Innovation Factory. The Factory includes – in addition to the standard e-learning course – 2 live meetings and a final workshop.
Our mission is making your learning process as complete and inspiring as possible.

  • [Online] Master in International Digital Marketing + Live Factory: 65 training hours + 15 class hours (2 intensive days) = 80 hours in total + Online Final Test


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