Massimiliano Gennari



I like challenges and maybe this is the reason why, more than 10 years ago, I approached the world of Online Marketing and, especially, e-commerce.
I started off as a Java and Oracle programmer, with important certifications. Later, I entered the mobile world, studying Android and IOS programming in a native way. I participated in the development of important projects and then, with a passion and training started at the beginning of the new Millennium, I decided to throw myself into the field of Web Marketing and Communication by founding in 2014 Emoe, a communication and marketing agency of great success.
I support companies and professionals in finding the best way to express their business, starting with a detailed analysis of their tools and online sale channels. I am also the creator of Deegito – – Turin Digital Festival, the most completed digital event in Turin, a must-go for all marketing experts in Italy.