1. Will each edition of the Master surely take place?

Yes, the implementation of the Master’s courses will be confirmed when it’s published on the website. The schedule of the lessons are also published on the website and in the sign-up form.

2. Is there a deadline to sign up?

In each city seats are limited. We highly recommend to sign up as soon as possible since registrations are accepted in chronological order.

3. Are there any age limitations?

There are no age or citizenship limitations nor specific requirements are necessary in order to participate.

4. Are there any requirements necessary to participate?

There are no access requirements and you don’t need a qualification. The Master is open to whoever wants to be innovative and eager to learn new things in order to carry out important projects of development in different fields.

5. Does the Masters issue a Certificate?

Masters by Europa Innovation Business School will issue a:

  • Certificate of Participation and Attendance to the Master to all students. To be issued on the last day of the course in each city.
  • Final Certificate of the Master to those who take part to at least 80% of the lessons in class e will pass a final test of implemented Europlanning on a subject of their choosing (a sort of final paper) within 6 months of the end of the lessons. The certificate will be sent to the participants after passing the final test.

6. Is this Master compatible with the enrollment in other university courses?

The attendance of this Master is compatible with enrollment in university degree courses, research doctorates, university masters and any other academic activities.

7. Is it a first- or second-level Master? Is it certified? By whom?

The Masters offered by Europe Innovation Busines School fall into the category of Private Masters (non-university) and have no legal value. Unlike the university ones, Private Masters are not divided into levels. Like other similar Masters, the ones offered by the Europa Innovation Busines School derive their expendability on the European labor market from the reputation and reliability of the organizing body, as well as from the number of previous editions of the same master. Europa Innovation Business School is certified according to the UNI ISO 29990:2011 Quality Standards (specific for Training) and UNI ISO 9001:2008 (for the Management System). The Europlanning Master has exceeded 410 editions; the Master in Social Media and Digital Marketing has exceeded 110 editions.

8. Who are the people signing up for the Master?

The master is open to people interested in working in this field, regardless of the level of experience and studies they have. The heterogeneity of the classroom is a strenght. Our Business School has preferred a blend of people with different resources, backgrounds and skills instead of groups composed only of professionals with the same level of experience or just university students, corporate groups or public employees. The learning process, supported by workshops, is developed between teachers and students, but also through the discussion between participants.

9. What's the final Project-Work?

After the classroom lessons comes the Project-Work phase. It is am actual work to be carried out individually or in groups that allows students to apply the best techniques and methodologies learned in class. In addition to being an important training opportunity, the Project-Work can evolve into real employment opportunities for participants who choose a real project of their own interest. Maximum period of 6 months – extendable – with the support of a dedicated on-line tutoring/help desk service. The success of the project will benefit participants with the Master Title Certificate. The commitment time is manageable in absolute autonomy within 6 months.


This Project-Work can be carried out, at the participant’s choice, at three levels of engagement: 1. as a simple exercise for the title, in a group or individually; 2. as a real project for a public or private body to be submitted for funding to the Commission; 3. as a real project, but without having a connection with local public or private bodies that can present it. At this stage we intervene bridging the relationship gap and putting our participants in direct contact with the entities that might be interested.

10. Will there be an internship period?

Our Master favours the choice of the Project-Work as a real experience of implemented design by the participants. Our Business School – after conducting research and studies on this matter – was among the very first in Italy to undertake this path as completion of the training, with excellent results. In fact, it is possible to achieve success by individually committing to a Project-Work’s realization and developement. The participants should manage the time dedicated to this project autonomously – both in groups and individually – in a way compatible with personal work or study needs. For 6 months the School guarantees a professional Tutoring service through an online Help-Desk.

11. Is it worth any academic and/or professional credits?

University students may, in accordance with their university study manifesto, be awarded an amount of CFUs for activities carried out outside the university and freely chosen (including participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, training, laboratories and research activities). University students who want to receive more information about this can email us at For specific information on the recognition of credits by professional associations, please email us at too.

12. Are there any agreements for the accomodation?

Europa Innovation Business School has an agreement with Camplus Living network facilities in: Bologna, Catania, Milan, Perugia, Parma, Turin. For more info visit the website

13. Is it possible to miss some lessons and still get the certificate?

The Certificate of Participation will be issued to participants who attend at least 80% of the hours in class. In cases of special needs it is possible to agree on how to recover the lessons and thus obtain the Certificate for absences of more than 20% of the hours.

14. Is it possible to have a certificate with the actual class hours to be presented at work?

Yes, it is possible to receive an attendance certificate to be presented at work. The request must be made the first day of classes to the Tutor in the classroom.

15. Does the venue present architectural barriers for the disabled?

The locations of the Master’s classes do not present architectural barriers. It is possible to have a certain feedback on architectural barriers by contacting our information offices directly. They will provide indications in relation to the various venues of the classes.


1. How do you get registered to the European Registry of Europlanners?

The completion of the Master in Europlanning of our School entitles you to the direct registration to the European Registry of Europlanners (EUPF Register of Euro-Projects Designers and Managers, Europe Project Forum) promoted by the Europe Project Forum Foundation in Amsterdam. This is a useful channel through which public and private bodies can select and directly contact registered professionals. Europa Innovation is the exclusive National Register Antenna for Italy. The registration request – free for 2015 too – is presented directly to EUPF once the Master’s degree is obtained or if you have at least 3 years of certified experience in the sector.

2. Did participants subsequently carry out a European project and obtain funding from the European Commission for the realization of a project in the past?

Yes, of course. Successful cases can be found in both those who participated in the Master’s course to update and improve their skills in the sector and those who tried for the first time to plan a project for a EU call. Many participants obtained the Master’s Degree by carrying out the Project-Work based on an idea that was subsequently approved and funded by the European Commission. A selection of valuable experiences is published in the appropriate section of our website (click here)

3. Do you provide direct contact with organizations or companies interested in Europlanning?

What we use at Europa Innovation Business School to put in contact participants and organizations/companies interested in planning is the European Registry of European Project Designers (EUPF Register of Euro-Projects Designers and Managers, Europe Project Forum). This networking system allows public bodies and interested companies to choose among those registered in the EUPF Registry which profile is most suitable for the needs identified in an absolutely transparent way. The level of experience is not discriminating. The cases of the requests are quite different. For example:

  • cases in which junior Euro-designers are selected to support/step in an already existing team;
  • senior europlanners who gained experience in a specific sector available for consulting on new projects;
  • technical assistants for a specific management skill in a project that a institution is carrying out, etc…

Our Business School, as the exclusive Official National Antenna for Italy of the EUPF Registry requests from the Registry itself every request received from the institutions. Another important aspect of networking takes place during the Project-Work phase, when a participant chooses to carry out a real project without having a connection with local public or private institutions to present it to. In this phase, our School intervenes filling the gap and making direct contact with the bodies that might be interested on the indication of the participant.

4. What is the professional outlook with this type of education?

This is a professional figure increasingly in demand and with more and more employment prospects. An Europlanner can work as a freelancer, for a public body or a private company. They can also set up their own independent consulting agency: this makes this profession particularly dynamic and oriented towards the creation of broad networks and collaborations. The structure of the entire educational path of the Europlanning Master by Europe Innovation Business School offers the possibility of mastering techniques and methodologies of European planning and to apply them directly with quality and experience, whether to take the first steps with a solid foundation or to refine and acquire full awareness of the skills. Public and private bodies are constantly looking for specialized profiles in the field of EU planning to be included in their staff or contact for advice.

5, What's the difference with the Special School editions?

Nelle Special School Edition, che possono essere Winter, Spring, Summer ecc…, c’è la possibilità di incontrare direttamente alcuni funzionari e responsabili delle Iniziative Comunitarie dell’UE in lezioni speciali riservate agli iscritti. La struttura del percorso formativo è lo stesso per tutte le edizioni del Master e per le Special School si arricchisce di 4 ore di lezione aggiuntive dedicate a Focus specifici sui programmi di maggior rilievo della Commissione Europea. Puoi consultare gli orari di lezione nella pagina del corso

6. Are Structural Funds included in the programme?

The Europlanning Master provides a transversal expertise, allowing you to participate in all calls for funding with European Funds. The programming of Structural Funds is illustrated during classes, explaining in what they differ from the so-called direct management programs of the European Commission. The methodologies and planning techniques at Community level follow rules of high-quality standards, therefore they are applicable to any other type of call – including the planning for structural funds.


1. What is the professional outlook with this type of Master?

The two main working profiles are: Expert in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Specialist. Other directly related profiles are: Digital marketing manager, Web marketing specialist, Media planner 2.0, SEM specialist, Community manager, Brand reputation manager, Web analytics specialist.

2. What are the advantages of the Social Media & Digital Marketing Master - Special School 2015 in Bologna?

For the Special School Bologna 2015 the programme is the same one established for all other editions of the Master by Europa Innovation Business School in other cities. This Special edition also includes:

  • one extra day of lessons (6) and not just 5 days in the classroom for all editions of the Master;
  • the chance to meet special guests and successful business agents;
  • socialization and networking moments like aperitifs and official dinners organized by Europa Innovation.

6-Day Plan: Lessons + Workshops + Guests + Project-Work. A Certificate of Attendance + Certificate of the Master’s Degree will be issued.