Welcome to the Course: Communication & Social Media Strategy for EU Projects[NEW]

Learn to plan, create and develop successful social media communication campaigns for EU projects.

Today, an effective digital communication strategy is indispensable for giving visibility to any project.

Social media channels and the web are the most powerful tools available for maximising the impact of a project and its innovative reach.

The project is not only what you achieve, but also how you talk about it. Promoting the visibility of a project at an international level will make your project a success.

This Masters qualification is the perfect practical guide for the best digital management strategy to promote your project and make it an engaging online experience.

Find the perfect digital strategy for your project.

Get all the skills you need to create a winning social media strategy and begin working in Europe right away.


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MIDDLE level





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FEBRUARY 2-3 | 9-10, 2024

Get advanced digital skills to communicate your project at the best.
Gain visibility on a European scale with a success digital strategy

The Online Course is in an intensive-executive formula of 16 hours total. A full immersion of lectures in front-interactive live streaming + laboratory.
Classes are held 2 times a week: Friday 6/9 PM and Saturday 9/12 AM (for 2 consecutive weeks)

And finally 4 hours of practical laboratory.

The video lessons will always be available on-demand on the e-learning educational platform, accessible at any time by participants.

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What will you learn?

With this course, you will learn to define a digital strategy to communicate EU Projects effectively, taking full advantage of the potential of social media channels


MODULE 1: Design of the digital communication and dissemination of the project – How to formulate and manage a successful communication strategy for European projects
Key concepts: communication, diffusion, assessment of results, commercialisation, sustainability

MODULE 2: Digital strategy for EU projects – Planning and managing social media Ads: Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – budget communication – the best tools – how to produce high-quality infographics, videos and animations for European projects

MODULE 3: Brand digital storytelling and Content marketing for EU Projects – social media crisis management

For whom is this professional certification designed?

This Masters course is designed for those loooking to build up their own targeted digital professionalism for European projects.

The course is therefore aimed at managers and professionals who want to specialise in a new environment, advisors who want to complete their professional profile, as well as individuals with a passion for the digital world who want to acquire expertise in a new profession.

  • Individuals involved in European projects
  • Experts and professionals involved in European projects, marketing communication and public affairs
  • Managers working for non-profit organisations and associations
  • University students and graduates
  • Trainees and individuals working within European institutions and linked companies
  • European agencies, entrepreneurs, start-uppers
  • Marketing and sales managers
  • Communications agencies, social media marketing agencies and PR agencies
  • PPRR and events agencies
  • Social media managers and bloggers
  • Creative individuals

Arianna Ioli
Founder and director of the Business School

“We welcome this new European Business School, because the world around us is changing by the second, and to keep up with its pace, something new has to be created. With Europa Innovation, you have the chance to take your skills to an international level, and to broaden your job horizons. From the very first day in class, you will learn that you have an impact on the future, and discover day-by-day the opportunities that open up to all those who look ahead and accept the challenge of digital transformation!”

After completing this course, you will know how to:

  • Determine a winning communication plan and digital strategy at the draft and budget definition stage of the project
  • Formulate and manage a successful communication strategy for European projects
  • Conduct digital searches and analyses, establishing the objectives for all phases of the project and developing a transnational digital marketing strategy
  • Create and manage innovative and high-quality content that maximises the impact of the project on citizens, stakeholders and institutions
  • Set up, optimise, create and develop organic publicity campaigns (including paid campaigns) on Facebook & Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn, using professional reports
  • Plan a brand management strategy for the project
  • Plan and manage social media communication – manage communication and digital PPRR for approved projects
  • Work as a digital specialist and social media manager for agencies and organisations linked to European development and research funds


  • Lectures to develop concrete and job-orientated digital skills
  • Workshops and exercises on real case studies to gain in-depth experience with content
  • Experience-based learning with case studies and exercises

The teaching staff on this Masters course in Social Media Strategy for European Projects are accredited professionals from the sector, and are faced with the challenges of the digital world every day. The tutors will focus on both theory as well as practical approaches to help shape the professionalism of attendees in their journey into digital business.

The experience of this Masters course does not end in the classroom, but allows participants to remain connected to the digital universe. The exclusive network to which this Masters course grants access is a valuable tool, allowing you to remain in touch with professionals within the sector and other course participants.

Visit to the European Parliament and other European institutions in Brussels

Visits to leading international consultancy studios and agencies for European projects

Executive talks with leaders from the field of European projects to learn from the best in Europe, and to understand the development outlook.

Job-orientated Teaching Method – Professional opportunities

  • Social media specialist for European projects
  • Digital communications expert for public or private bodies
  • Content manager
  • Digital marketing advisor for European projects


Become a Social Media Strategist for EU Projects


This Social Media Strategy for European Projects course is a highly-innovative qualification offering vertical training in line with current digital transformation.
Social media marketing is also revolutionising the structure of European projects and there is a need for new professionals who can respond to the communication and dissemination demands of every winning European project.


Participation in the course does not require any preliminary skills or qualifications. You must be familiar with the general functioning of social media platforms and the digital world.


Become a Certified Specialist. Right Now.